Why We're Here

Everyone has a special place. For some, it's the house or farm or town where they grew up. For others, it's a vacation spot where fond memories were/are made. And for still others, it's the place where they lay their heads each night, the place they call home in the present.

Many people think of Highland County, Virginia as a special place. The ones who were lucky enough to be born and raised here will always refer to it as home, no matter where they live. The ones who moved here from somewhere else decades ago also think of it as home, even though they still have that "home place" where they grew up that will always be special, too. There are some who, for one reason or another, can't make the move to live in Highland County full-time, but spend weekends and every other chance they get nestled in among our mountains and friendly folks. And then there are those who pass through, maybe only once, for a few hours or days, and never return, but wish they could.

If one of these groups describes you or anyone you know, this blog/website is just for you! The format is very simple: every Tuesday a new photo taken somewhere in Highland County will be posted. Just to enjoy. Just because Highland County is a beautiful place. Just because those of us who live here don't always have or take the time to relish it. Just because everyone who loves it can't always be here as much as they would like. There won't be much to read; just a sentence or two to give the location of the photo, so it won't be a blog that will take up much of your time. Instead, it's a very-mini vacation to Highland, right here on your computer, iPad, or phone every Tuesday. Be sure to visit every week to see the latest photo showcasing Highland's natural beauty and unique lifestyle. You'll be glad you did!


  1. My family and I love Highland County! I was curious about the waterfall photo posted several months ago on this blog. Is it publicly accessible? I'd love to visit the next time we are out that way! Thanks.

  2. Chris,
    Thanks for asking. Unfortunately, the waterfall is not accessible to the public. I got permission, not often granted, o visit through a friend of a friend of a friend. It is a nice one. Sorry this isn't the answer you wanted.

  3. Hello, very happy to follow! Your stunning pic of the mountain and sunrise this week reeled me in from Stephanie's Roses of Inspiration feature... I am a passionate for the beautiful in Nature!
    For me, Cornwall in the south-west of England has the same place in my heart as Highland Country does for you... Your area looks absolutely gorgeous, and I am not surprised you love it!
    Bye for now, and thank you for sharing :)