Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Butterfly Buffet

This patch of wild phlox was a smorgasbord for the butterflies yesterday afternoon.
There were at least a dozen feeding on the beautiful blooms.
Bullpasture River Road, south of McDowell


  1. Oh, what absolute loveliness! When we had our cabin in Fancy Gap, these beauties grew all along the roads in the ditches! I am waiting for the milkweed to bloom so I can go shoot me some butterflies...with my camera, of course :) Have a great week!

  2. So nice to see wild pholox after seeing the invasive lookalike (Dames Rocket) taking over the roadsides and powerline right of way back home in Clarke/Fauquier counties back home this weekend. Lovely!

    Laura G.

    1. Oh, but I think it IS Dames Rocket! I looked it up in my wildflower book and I'm pretty sure it's Dames Rocket. But, some say we have wild phlox here, blooming later in the season. We'll see!